Shared Commission

$150 One Time
  • 2 hours


Shared Commission

$250 One Time
  • 4 Hours


100% Commission

$350 One Time
  • 2 Hours


100% Commission

$500 month
  • 4 Hours

Get paid immediately

Directly from your viewers to your account

Spend more time selling streaming videos and live broadcasting and less on cash flow management. With the StreamingVideoProvider’s pay-per-view video hosting service you’ll receive payments immediately to your selected online merchant account. All PPV payments are sent directly from your viewers to your PayPal account. Unlike our competitors like Vimeo Pro, there are no waiting times for the funds to be released as payouts to you.

No Commission On Your PPV Sales

You keep 100% of your sales for yourself

We value our customers and as such we don’t charge any commissions on Pay-Per-View sales. The only thing you pay is for your service plan, this covers the video hosting and streaming as well as the Pay-Per-View video feature. You should be careful as most of our competitors take at least 10% commission. On $10,000 worth of sale, you would end up paying $1,000 of commission! While with us you’ll pay $0 of commission.

Single Payments

Take A One Off Payment

Charge a single pay-per-view payment to your viewers. When a person purchases a video that you have set to single payment, they will keep access to the video according to your chosen ticket options. Once the ticket expires they would need to repurchase the ticket.

Recurring Payments

Take Subscription Payments

Start charging your viewers on a subscription-based model with the recurring pay-per-view payments option. When your PPV video is set to recurring payments and your viewers purchases the ticket they will be charged either every month or every year depending on your settings choice. This will give them continuous access to the videos until they cancel their subscription.

Payments can be made by Debit and Credit Cards as well as PayPal

Advanced Ticket Options

Create your own ticket options based on time and usage restrictions.